Party Scars
[Bumface Records]
VERDICT: 7.75/10
RIYL: Four Year Strong, NOFX & The Menzingers

Labeling a band ‘Pop-Punk’, can sometimes have dangerous consequences. It could mean they are going to be really good at mixing the poppier side of punk, or they will be so utterly terrible, one can’t believe they even put out any material. Luckily, SUNKEN MONKEY are more along the lines of the first option. Story telling of real life events, made light and downright funny at times, but thoroughly entertaining. Party Scars is a DIY record that encapsulates everything that is right with this genre. Raw and kinda dirty guitar sounds, less than perfect vocals that scream reality and not auto-tune. It’s a big ‘Fuck You’ to every other band that takes themselves seriously. This is how it should be. Short but powerful bursts of punk energy, filled with the enthusiasm of finding something new. Upon listening to Party Scars, it is more than obvious these guys actually enjoy what they do, and that translates into something worth listening too. Let’s hope that someone else see’s this quality and scoops them up.    -by Jon Hole

Recommended listening: ‘This Town’s Too Big (For The Both Of Us)’, ‘0 To Pissed (In 60 Seconds)’ & ‘Too Old For This Shit (Riggs)’
Production credits: All songs written and performed by Sunken Monkey and it was self recorded. DIY!
Release date: Digitally released on October 6, 2014 (Spotify, Amazon, Google Play etc as well as a limited edition digipack)

In conclusion…SUNKEN MONKEY are no flash in the pan, flavor of the week. they are the real deal.

You can support the band via their BandCamp and the bands Facebook page.

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